Anti-Wrinkle Injections
  • Smoother, Softer and a more Youthful Appearance.
  • Long Lasting Effect (3 to 6 months).
  • Suitable for both Women and Men.
  • Injections are composed of a natural protein.
  • Discomfort experienced is minimal.
  • Ageing is a Choice! Take Control!
Dermal Fillers
  • Dermal fillers are Fast and Easy.
  • Restore volume to areas of the face, including: Cheeks, Naso Labial Folds, Chin & Jawline.
  • Suitable for both Women and Men.
  • Reduce the appearance of scarring.
  • Try Lip Enhancement for plump firm lips
  • Defy the effects of Ageing & Gravity!
iStock double chin
Double Chin Treatment
Non-Surgical Chin Sculpting, reduces fat under the chin and can contour the neck and jawline.
  • Reduce the appearance of a double chin.
  • Fat Dissolving Injections.
  • Destroys the fat cells under the chin.
  • For both Men and Women.
  • Minimal downtime.
Anti-wrinkle Treatments, Lip Enhancement and Dermal Fillers
  • Committed to providing you with Honest Advice & Results Driven Treatments
  • Professional Staff, Registered Nurse, Consulting Doctor
  • Attentive & Discreet Service
  • Maintain a natural, youthful and balanced look
Yvette Goodwin Profile Picture 2
Yvette Goodwin (RN)

Registered Nurse

  • Yvette is a registered Nurse (Division 1), works with prescribing Doctor, Dr Esther Langenegger (MBBS, Grad Dip MSM, FAFMM).
  • Yvette attends Anti-Wrinkle Injection, Dermal filler & Laser training workshops & conferences frequently.
  • Professional, Caring, Qualified & Discreet.
skin boosters main
Skin Boosters
  • Improves quality of skin.
  • Nourishes the skin from within.
  • Conditions, rather than volumises.
  • Suitable for both Women and Men.
  • Suitable for face, hands, neck and Decolletage.
  • Known to improve Skin Quality, Skin Hydration and Skin elasticity, as well as appearance of fine lines.
LUXE Skin Clinic
Clinic Location
LUXE Skin Clinic
  • Located conveniently in Albury Location.
  • Level 1/566 David Street, Albury NSW 2640.
  • Professional Clinic Rooms: Private, Hygienic & Comfortable.
  • Easy to Access, Plenty of Parking.
  • Comfortable Reception Area.
Men's Treatments Available
More men are taking an interest in their personal appearance. Men are looking for rejuvenation, and a fresh natural look.
  • Increase self confidence.
  • Muscle Relaxants & skin Volumisers can reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, crow's feet & facial lines.
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